Seiko Denki are committed to “Quality Standard” and obtained ISO 9002 : 1994 from AOQC Moody International Limited UK on September 1999 and strive to achieve for better quality and Management , obtained ISO 9001 : 2008 certification on July 2010.

Seiko Denki has obtained and certified:
ISO TS14001:2004 on May 2013

All of Seiko Denki Products are 100% comply to ROHS directives
Seiko Denki was certified with UL Harness house
*UL Wire Processed
*UL Wiring Harness

Seiko Denki has certified with
ISO/ TS16949: 2009 on Aug 2013.

Seiko Denki certified IPC Trainer
Certified IPC Trainer
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